Welcome to the Kabakel Community Branch

The Kabakel Branch of the YMCA have finally got a permanent site for the branch.

The Branch is made up of the following:

-> Regiment Staff Major Timothy Sanyang – Branch Chairman
-> Timothy Sanyang – Executive Branch Secretary (Note:- no relation to above)
-> An Executive Committee
-> A Development Committee

The Kabakel Branch of the Gambia YMCAs under its community development program is involved in a number of projects namely:

-> Tye and Dye Making
-> Day Care Centre
-> Horticulture and Animal Husbandary
-> Batik
-> Local Soap Making
-> Advocacy on HIV/AIDS
-> Christian and Religious Programs
-> Cybercafe for income generation to be opened soon.

For further information on The Kabakel Branch of YMCA please contact:

Timothy Sanyang - Branch Secretary
Kabakel Branch
P.O. Box 421
Banjul, The Gambia
Tel: +220 9802240
Email: tsanyang@ymca.gm

Visiting members of Staff of the YMCA of Greater Charlotte lead by Cynthia Flynn VP
of Community Development International and Public Policy YMCA of Greater Charlotte
pose for a photo shot with women and kids of the Kabakel Day Care centre together with
the Former National General Secretary of the Gambia YMCA, Sam B Thorpe and Branch
Secretary Kabakel Branch, Timothy Sanyang (March 2007)
From left, Timothy Sanyang,Branch Secretary Kabakel Branch, Joseph Peacock, Program
Secretary Gambia YMCA and Sam B. Thorpe, Former National General Secretary, The
Gambia YMCA have a look at the plot of Land acquired for the Kabakel Branch of the
Gambia YMCA - March 2007.

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