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The YMCA Digital Studio Mission Statement:

To engage the talent and skill of Gambian youth in creating high-quality media productions.

The YMCA Digital Studio is a production unit working to produce high quality video, audio, animation, and multimedia presentations. The production team is made up of highly qualified young people from throughout The Gambia who bring motivation, energy, and focus to our productions.

The production team wishes to invite you to join in our efforts to enhance the media literacy of all Gambians. By working with the YMCA Digital Studio you are not only helping young Gambians improve their media skills, but you are also providing a solid foundation for the future of quality media in the country.

We hope to hear from you soon. Together we can help the Gambian youth to enhance their media production skills as well as create a positive atmosphere that encourages an active role in media.

Below is a short listing of the a few of the types of productions we can work on. Our productions are intended to reach wide audiences through using video, audio, or multimedia production. These can then be distributed on local television, radio, World Wide Web, or CD-ROM distribution.

If you have a specific type of production in mind, please feel free to contact us and we will discuss our options.


Instructional pieces helping guide students or community members in important topics of your choosing.


15, 30, or 60 minute documentaries giving in depth analyses and reports on local topics.


30 or 60 second commercials to promote a specific topic, mission, public service announcement or product.

In order to work together efficiently and effectively it is important for both parties to understand the goals and capabilities of the other party. To that end, this information is intended to guide you as we work together towards completing our media product.

Project Proposal

The Digital Studio and partnering organization will discuss goals, creative direction and funding of the project.


The production crew is formed, taping sites are assessed, dates of taping are confirmed, set and costuming completed, and permission to record is obtained.


Recording of all scenes is done according to the pre-determined schedule.


Media is edited into a cohesive whole, music and sound effects are added and the final product is printed to tape, CD, VCD, or DVD.

Our Demo Reel

We realize that for potential clients it is important to see examples of our work. Here we present some samples of the work done at YMCA Digital Studio. We try to update this material with new productions to reflect current work done at the Studio.


Music Sample:
A sample of music recorded at the Digital Studio.

Listen to the music sample

Radio Advertisement:
A short advert for Reliance Financial Services. Music created in the Digital Studio.

Listen to the advertisement

Music sample:
A music sample with kora (a traditional West African instrument) and vocals. Recording and editing made at the Digital Studio.

Listen to the music sample


TV Advertisement:
TV advert created for the amusement park called Dream Park. Filming, editing and music created in the Digital Studio.

Music Video:
Music video by local group Poetic X. Video filmed at YMCA Digital Studio.

Production Crew

You can connect with Therese through the following social networks.

Therese Mam Kangu Keita

Project Manager / Overseeing Digital Studio

You can connect with Baboucarr through the following social networks.

Baboucarr Ceesay

Hardware / Software Support

You can connect with Shy Boy through the following social networks.

Shy Boy productions

Sound Engineering

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