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The Gambia YMCA Introduces Three Years (2015 – 2017) Project “Dimbalante” – Helping One Another

The Gambia YMCA signed an MOU with The Sport Alliance of YMCAs in Finland for a three years (2015-2017) project. The name of the project “DIMBALANTE” in one of our native languages means “Helping One Another”. This project promotes education and healthy lifestyle through physical education. Our beneficiaries are young people between the ages of 13 to 18 years across three regions in The Gambia namely:

-> Greater Banjul Area
-> West Coast Region
-> Lower River Region

A total number of 1500 marginalized youth, both male and female will directly benefit from this 3 year project.

In this project, support will be provided to underprivileged youths, by giving them an opportunity to excel in education and or physical education, in a conducive and equal opportunity environment, while promoting global thinking initiatives. The whole project helps youth and their families by helping them develop proper nutritional habits and encourage physical education and exercise to improve their living conditions.

Our Y Club students from both Upper Basic and Senior Secondary schools across the three regions will be our primary beneficiaries.

The project is divided into three components namely

-> Afterschool programs
-> Camps
-> Health, fitness and wellness

The co-operation partners are The Sport Alliance of YMCAs in Finland, The Gambia YMCA and Scholar Athletes for Change in Gambia (S.A.C).

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